Case Study

Case Study




My First Hyper Realism was based off of a Star Wars poster I had found on google one day. My girlfriend is very obsessed with Star Wars and rehashed my love for it, as well. So I wanted to create an almost parody  of the poster. My first idea was to replace the battle ships fighting in the poster with different fruit and make this epic battle into something lighthearted and humorous while still seeming like a fierce intergalactic dogfight.  The idea of fruits was used because I had been watching a show called the annoying orange that I found very funny. I wanted to combine that humor with the awesome space battle of Star Wars. The Background of my piece shows a planet destroying Death Star-esque Apple along with planet sized Pineapples, so large they have space rings similar to Jupiter. The ships of the evil Empire are replaced with Oranges that are seen opening and shooting lasers at the good guys, which are replaced with strawberries.


I had quite a lot of knowledge on Star Wars, so the majority of my research composed of finding large images to fit into the piece. I also wanted to find the right fruit to fit into the place of the ships to make it look right.


My strategies included making the fruit seemingly moving at a light speed and creating a distance between the fruit. I tried to make the fruit more blurry and less in focus the farther away they were. I added a layer of all white and lowered the opacity on items the farthest away to make it less in focus. I used the blur and smudge tool to make an almost glitch in the images then stretch them with free transform. This made the fast moving fruit seem like they were moving so fast the colors were being distorted around them, or maybe the color can be perceived as some type of rocket thrusters.


To make the fruits seem less than just fruits floating and more like colossal fruit was a great challenge.This was difficult because I had to find a balance making the largest fruit also seem the farthest. Another great challenge was adding velocity to the fruit. I used the blur and smudge tool to make an almost glitch in the images then stretch them with free transform.


The result is a high-speed battle between the fruits complete with lasers and explosions. In making this futuristic battle I feel I was successful. The fruit are seemingly moving and fighting in a battle that has most likely been waged for centuries between the evil Oranges and the pure Strawberries.





Using photographs of  a real Skeleton that sat in my drawing class I created an image that I hope conveys a dark and ominous feeling. I used ribs and skulls to create space where I filled with dark reds and smaller images of the skeleton. I was inspired by abstracts I saw as a child where I saw an artist create a large abstract by throwing his paint all over the canvas. When he finished her used a large brush to make thick black outlines. I had also used this technique in a painting of my own in my senior year when I recreated Picasso. So I emulated this dark line technique and tried to make many interesting spaces and shapes with the skeleton.


I looked up many cubist paintings by famous painters such as Matisse, Picasso, and even Jackson Pollock. I was originally planning on making a cubist on people and photographs and looked up how I could cut images into blocks. Upon research I decided I wanted to make a cubist that seemed more hand painted and messy.


I decided I would find a nice messy looking brush to add thick black lines to the painting like Picasso had. Then I wanted to put a messy look almost like the painting was made speedily and used spray like Photoshop brushes and enlarged them to around 900x. I wanted it to seem as if this painting was made not only by brush, but also spray cans. Then spaces seemed empty and I wanted the eye to be drawn to the center so I tried adding opposite colors like green and oranges side by side.


Photoshop was very frustrating and would freeze quite a lot when I began adding new photos to make into cubes. I also tried very hard not to have a 2D feeling to the image. This was my greatest challenge.


I have tried making a cubist piece in the past with oil pastel, but I just could not make it look the way I wanted. Now knowing all the techniques and tools on photo shop I’d like to recreate it. I feel this one was also a success because it looks grim and dark to me like i wanted. This was because skeletons usually represent death or the after-life.


Description: The photo of a cathedral was taken by my grandparents and aunt on their trip to Spain. Recently I have been researching religions, especially Christianity so I naturally chose to put images that meant things to me and made them seem a part of the cathedral.


I had to really dig into my hard drive for meaningful photos. Many of them would not load so I took many from my iphoto and tried to find what the inside of cathedrals looked like.


Making the images seem as a part of the actual cathedral was difficult. I watched tutorials on it years ago and I realized I only needed to distort the images in Free Transform.


I wanted the images to seem ghostly and a part of the cathedral.  To do this I made the opacity low and erased them according to the frames or walls of the cathedral. Free Transform was another  major aspect in making the images apart of the structures.


I feel the images all seem as a part of the grand structure. Like the images of the girl making her hair into a beard I put because it always reminded me of Moses I wanted to make it almost floating.I made the house mixed into the pillar because that is my home, and like my family I feel its a major pillar in my life. The naked woman was an actress from a favorite show and I liked how pale and dirty she seemed I felt it seemed like the cathedral roof was illuminating her, or making her seem as a ghost.



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